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Elevator air conditioner/KT2700-2D

The body adopts integrated design, no refrigerant leakage, light weight and small volume...

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Product introduction

Ø Product Characteristics
Series elevator special air conditioning is suitable for all kinds of passenger elevators, hospital bed elevators, cargo elevators, passenger and cargo elevators, residential elevators, sightseeing elevators. Its main characteristics are as follows:
1、The body adopts integrated design, no refrigerant leakage, light weight and small volume.
2、Low noise, high efficiency operation, strong air supply system design, uniform air supply, adequate cooling capacity, so that the sedan car to maintain quiet and comfortable.
3、Independent power supply design does not affect the normal operation of the elevator.
4、Automatic constant temperature, saving energy.
5、Easy to install, simple to operate, safe and reliable.
6、The fuselage is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, luxurious and beautiful.
7、The remote control in the sedan chair can be set to turn on and off at the time, and the operation is convenient.
8、Multi-layer defensive purification device can effectively remove the turbid air in the sedan car, and has the functions of static dust collection, sterilization, mildew prevention, deodorization and fresh air.
Ø Technical parameters
1p single cooling/cold and warm
Refrigeration (heat) capacity:2500W
Air volume:436M3/Hour
working voltage:220V/50Hz (2 Phase)
Current (refrigeration/heating):4.6A&4.6/7.6A
Refrigeration Consumption Power:950W
Heat Consumption Power:2180W(Single cooling without heating)
Running noise:≤48 dB
Waterproof grade:IP×4
Types of shock protection:Type I
Applicable ladder type:<1350Kg